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Local Social Birthdays: Spas Edition

Local Social Birthdays: Spas Edition

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This product will give you everything you need to effectively market to folks who have upcoming birthdays on Facebook and/or Instagram.


Training: 10,000 Foot Overview / Client Acquisition Strategies

Training: Client Acquisition: The Cold Email Strategy / Client Acquisition: The Advertorial Strategy

Training: Setting Up the Facebook Ad for Advertorials / Setting Up the Facebook Ad for Clients Using the Birthday Strategy

Agency - Done-For-You Restaurant Leads (10 Major U.S. Cities = OVER 16,000 Leads)

Agency - Done-For-You Video Sales Letter, Lead Magnet, and Follow-Up Email Sequence to Attract Clients

Agency - Done-For-You 3-Page Sales Funnel Website to Attract Clients

Agency - Done-For-You Cold Email Sequence to Prospect for Clients and Special Follow-Up Email to Cold Email Responses to Close Clients

Client - Done-For-You Facebook Ad Campaign Blueprint (includes ad, targeting, ad copy, and ad image/video) for Clients to Use the Birthday Strategy

Client - Done-For-You 3 Step Sales Funnel Website to Claim the Birthday Special Offer and Redeem the Voucher

Much, much more!

You may use these for your own business or if you're a local small business consultant or digital agency owner in your own business for unlimited clients. You may not transfer ownership or resell them.

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