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Cold To Sold Clients

Cold To Sold Clients

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7 Client prospecting methods that you have your VA learn from:

1. Website Hosting Method (businesses who don't have a website) 

2. Free Listing Method (businesses who you add to your local directory website for free) 

3. Repurpose Reviews Method (businesses who have reviews, but are not taking advantage of them) 

4. Google Maps Method (businesses who have unclaimed Google Maps listings) 

5. Google Messages Method (businesses who have a claimed Google Maps/GBP/GMB listing, but don't have the messaging featured enabled) 

6. Facebook Pixel Method (business who have a website, but don't have the Facebook pixel installed) 

7. Facebook Ad Method (setup your own FB lead form ad campaign for $5/day or $150/mo. and follow-up with them through email automation(s) selling them your digital marketing service(s))


7 Digital marketing services that you have your VA learn from:

1. Social Posting Service (Daily - $99/mo.) 

2. Email Newsletter Service (Monthly - $99/mo.) 

3. Blog Posting Service (Monthly - $99/mo.) 

4. Hybrid Sales Funnel Website ($299 - $499 upfront, $99/mo. for hosting/maintenance) 

5. Email Marketing Service (Weekly - $399/mo.) 

6. Facebook Retargeting Ad Campaign ($99/mo. to manage only - ad spend is on the the business $5/day or $150/mo.) 

7. Facebook Lead Form Ad Campaign ($199 - $299 upfront and $99/mo. to manage only - ad spend is on the the business $5/day or $150/mo. and provide 7-Day follow-up email automation)


The Product Deliverables in PDF format (step-by-step written instructions) and Video format (over the shoulder training videos)

- VA Hiring Process (SOPs)

- VA Prospecting Training (SOPs)

- VA Digital Marketing Services Training (SOPs)

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