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Local Social Growth Secrets

Local Social Growth Secrets

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This product will give you training and a done-for-you method to grow your own and yourr clients' social media accounts on autopilot while providing high-quality content. You can sell this as a service and charge up to $99-$199 per social network per month and easily scale this up to $10K per month or more! 


Training: 10,000 Foot Overview / Key Components to Successfully Building Social Audiences

Training: The Mechanics to Growing Your Social Audiences / The Tools To Automate Your Social Audience Growth

Training: How to Make Sure You Achieve Result / How to Find Potential Clients / Why I Price This Service The Way I Do



- DFY Agency - YouTube Video Sales Letter Ad

- DFY Agency - List of Hashtags

- DFY Agency - Cold Email Scripts

- DFY Agency - Cold LinkedIn Scripts

- DFY Agency - Cold FB Messenger Scripts

- DFY Agency - Client Prospecting Video Training Walk-Throughs

- DFY Agency - Facebook Like Ad $1.00 Per Day Strategy

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